Spotlight 2019:

"Funk Cool Law"

Here is the highly acclaimed track that has met with huge success all over the world.

The artist proposes his own vision of the "Nu Funk" by creating a singular blend between:
- the funky grooves in 70s style
- all the warmth of vintage musical instruments processed through analog hardware
- the digital technology to finalize and highlight all the nuances of each individual sound

Music Download - Jethro - Abramo Satoshi - Youtube - Music Release - Rock - Flute
Album Download - On Edge of Wing -Abramo Satoshi 2016 Music Release

New Release 2020:


With this album, Abramo Satoshi reaches his highest level of artistic expression.
The intense vibrations of his saxophone are amazing.
An accurate work in every minimum detail a crescendo of sounds that find their zenith in the track called “Rapax” which gives the album its name.
Never boring, the warmth of the emotions it manages to convey leads you through its 7 titles in a maze of evocative scenarios where to lose yourself.
                                                                                                           - Grace Ishikawa -

Album Download - Symphony Flavour Lounge - Abramo Satoshi 2018 Music Release - sideman -
Album Download - Little Sun -Abramo Satoshi 2015 Music Release
Album streaming and download - Rapax by Abramo Satoshi - ©℗2020 Clemmy Communication
Album Download - The Existence Gear - Abramo Satoshi 2013 Music Release
Album Download - The Jump - Abramo Satoshi 2017 Music Release - Beatport - Spotify
Album Download - On Edge of Wing -Abramo Satoshi 2016 Music Release

as sideman:

Album Download - Karma of Mizar -Abramo Satoshi 2015 Music Release
Album Download - Through the Stone -Abramo Satoshi 2016 Music Release
Album Download - Songs of Rest - Abramo Satoshi & Cathy O'Gara 2013 Music Release
Album Download - The wind's Rise - Abramo Satoshi 2009 Music Release
Album Download - Jazzist 51 - Abramo Satoshi & PFP 2014 Music Release
Album Download - Ange Créole -Abramo Satoshi 2015 Music Release


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