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Abramo Satoshi

Here is the brand new single track by Abramo Satoshi announcing the release of the next album planned for early 2020.
For this ambitious project, the artist proposes his own vision of the "Nu Funk" by creating a singular blend between:
- the funky grooves in 70s style
- all the warmth of vintage musical instruments processed through analog hardware
- the digital technology to finalize and highlight all the nuances of each individual sound


1) Funk Cool Law


Abramo Satoshi:

  • Tenor, Soprano and Alto Saxophone, WinSy, Synthesizers, Percussions

Clemmy Della Rocca:

  • Piano, Keyboards, Hammond B3 Organ, Bass, Guitar

Rosario Abramo:

  • Drums and Percussions

Abramo Satoshi

"Funk Cool Law" (2019)