Abramo Satoshi:

  • Tenor, Soprano and Alto Saxophone, WinSy, Clavinet,  Synthesizers, Percussions

Clemmy Della Rocca:

  • Piano, Keyboards, Hammond B3 Organ, Bass, Guitar

Rosario Abramo:

  • Drums and Percussions

With this album, Abramo Satoshi reaches his highest level of artistic expression.
The intense vibrations of his saxophone are amazing.
An accurate work in every minimum detail a crescendo of sounds that find their zenith in the track called “Rapax” which gives the album its name.
Never boring, the warmth of the emotions it manages to convey leads you through its 7 titles in a maze of evocative scenarios where to lose yourself.

                                                                                                                                                                     - Grace Ishikawa -

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Abramo Satoshi

"Rapax" (2020)


1) Safety Car

2) The Zero Conspiracy

3) Funk Cool Law

4) Sauvage​

5) Rapax

6) Aboriginal Frequency

​7) Sunflowers

Abramo Satoshi

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